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Safety First!

1. CRYING WOLF – قبل از مرگ واویلہ

Remember the childhood story of a boy who cried wolf and ultimately got into problem. In matters pertaining to health and safety it is, however, advisable to cry wolf even if the wolf never appears.

Whenever tiniest and minutest of safety hazards is noticed, it is very important to raise alarm and cry wolf before it actually arrives.

Workers who “blow the whistle” and draw attention towards a potential safety hazard should always be encouraged, appreciated, recognized and rewarded.

2. COME HELL OR HIGH WATER آندھی ہو یا طوفان

Come what may!

Every organization should follow a four pronged strategy for averting accidents. It should include:

a. Hazard identification
b. Risk assessment
c. Hierarchy of risk control
d. Review

Failure to do so will expose it to serious risks and “for all intents and purposes” bring it to a brink of disaster. Please read ESL article and ask ESL for a full presentation on this subject:

3. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY – حفاظت افسوس سے بہتر ہے

Extreme care should be exercised before commencing work on the generator and while executing it. Read our article available on ESL website to make sure that proper “Lock out, Tag out” procedures are fully implemented.

Please embed it in your mind that even a paper clip can cause a slip.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Etch it in your mind; put it under your skin; get it flowing in your blood.

Please contact ESL for its “Health, Safety, Security and Environment Booklet”. Also view, ESL publications on safety in the customercare section of its website.

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