Telenor signs another contract with Aksa and ESL

Telenor signs another contract with AKSA and ESL

Telenor has renewed its contract with ESL for another three years. This time it is a Global Frame Agreement (GFA) involving nine countries. The contract has been signed between Telenor and Aksa Generators Turkey and ESL has played a pivotal role in making this happen. ESL has already started to receive bulk orders from Telenor under this contract.
ESL is highly grateful to Telenor Pakistan for placing orders for almost 1500 sets in last five years following signing up of first contract in 2013. These sets included ratings from 14 kVA to 275 kVA. These installations were done in every nook and corner of the country including sandy, sultry, dusty terrains like Thar desert. A lot of these installations have also been carried out in spine chilling cold conditions on mountain tops. Where the only way to transport the gensets was through mules.

Besides these supplies, ESL has also been entrusted with overhaul jobs for scores of engines.

Hilltop site in Tribal Areas

Installation in Thar Desert

Mansehra hilltop at -150C

Mules carrying diesel gensets to hilltops

Site dumped with snow

Telenor also happens to be one of the customers for which ESL conducted five-day comprehensive customized training programs for two consecutive years and provided training to more than 500 participants. The training programs were conducted for Telenor power generation professionals in the regions of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad respectively encompassing the customer’s country wide staff and vendors. The training program included participants’ pre and post training evaluations, four-day theory and a day of demonstration at each ESL workshop. Certificates of Participation and training material were also distributed amongst the participants.

Pictures of training sessions