Case Study:

Energy Solutions (Private) Limited supplied and commissioned another 2250kVA (2000kVA DCC Power) Aksa Data Centre at Telenor Pakistan Mobile Switching Centre (MSC), Lahore.

This happens to be another grand Data Centre Project in Pakistan and only of its kind done by ESL at Telenor Pakistan within a year- the first one was Telenor Karachi MSC project supplied and commissioned by ESL in 2021. Other prominent ESL Data Centre projects are also in line.

Customer Details:

Telenor Pakistan is the largest single European foreign direct investment in Pakistan

  • It is one of the fastest growing networks in the country
  • It holds a rich portfolio of products and services
  • It serves more than 47 million mobile customers
  • It has a network of over 11,000 sites
  • It covers over 80% of Pakistan’s population

Customer Requirement:

Supply of uninterrupted electrical energy to the mission-critical operations of Data Centre.


Aksa Data Centre Solution- a reliable power source that offers all the important components with industry’s highest level of design and performance control.


Aksa AC2250 kVA DCC:


AC 2250- 50 Hz

2000 kVA DCC Power

Engine: QSK60-G4 Cummins

Alternator: Stamford P1734F1

Uptime Institute Standards Compliant


Power (kVA)


3 Phase, 50 Hz, PF 0.8


Standby Rating (ESP)

DCC Rating

DCC Ampere












Data Center Continuous Power ratings (DCC), as defined, meet the Uptime Institute Tier III and IV requirements as detailed in the Uptime Institute Tier Standards: Topology.

The power ratings of Standby and DCC data, given above have been identified according to conditions of 100kPa barometric pressure (110m. altitude), 25 C ambient temperature. *Data tolerance %+- 5


AKSA Data Centre Capability Highlights:


·         Most suitable and reliable Aksa Data Centre solutions with generator options ranging from 550 kVA to 3000 kVA.

·         These solutions are approved by the Uptime Institute for compliance with TIER III and TIER IV standards in 44 different models produced for Data Centres.

·         These Uptime Institute standards compliant generators are available in the range of Cummins: 550 kVA – 3000 kVA and Perkins: 1400 kVA – 2500 kVA.

·         These sets have been reviewed and proven acceptable for use in Data Centres that meet Uptime Institute Tier Standards.

·         Aksa Data Center Specific Solutions are known for their Robustness and Easy Maintenance