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ESL is pleased to offer continuous improvement training programs for your power plant professionals. These training programs are organized under the name and style of “ESL Meet & Treat Continuous Improvement Programs”.

The training programs are absolutely free of cost and are organized as our contribution and commitment towards “community service”. They are held every Saturday in our premises, ESL House DP 01, Sector 21, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi. Location map is attached.

Our “Meet & Treat” programs are absolutely free of cost. Moreover, course material, refreshments and lunch are also served in these day long program without any attached charges.

Each program is dedicated to one or two customers at the most. Maximum participation in each program is limited to ten participants which is conducted by highly experienced engineers.

Pre and post session evaluation is also conducted and certificates are awarded to all the participants.

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    NB: Our representative will soon contact you to collect details of participants, their positions in the organization, experience, education, etc., in order to match training contents with participants’ profiles.

    1. Basics of a generator.
    2. Why diesel generators? And why gas?
    3. How does an Engine Work & why it wears?
         i. Engine Wear (Normal vs Abnormal)
         ii. Combustion Process
         iii. Internal Components – list of internal components and maintenance considerations for the same
         iv. External Components – list of external components and maintenance considerations for the same
         v. Cooling System
         vi. Lube System
         vii. Fuel System
         viii. Air System
         ix. Electronics
         x. Preventing abnormal wear
    4. Generator selection guidelines
    5. Generator Deration
    6. Doing what is required, when it is required and in the quantity it is required
         i. Condition based maintenance
         ii. Talking to the parts
    7. Cleanliness is half the maintenance
    8. Operator’s training – weakest link in the chain
    9. Fuel cost – saving money where it matters
    10. Disastrous effects of load starvation
    11. Disastrous effects of unbalanced loads
    12. Generator Maintenance – Ten Commandments
    13. Generator’s protective cover
    14. Power factor – mystery unfolded (optional)
    15. Generator’s paralleling – sum of parts is greater than the whole (optional).
    16. Safety consideration before starting work on generators.
    17. Safety precautions while using diesel
    18. Safety instructions for domestic generators
    19. Role of quality in generator maintenance
    20. Smart maintenance – Achieving a lot with a little.
    21. Measuring maintenance quality – MTTR, MCTR & MTBF
    22. A perfect overhaul.
    23. Generator’s application guidelines (usages and types)
    24. Auto Transfer Switch
    25. Quick fixes
    26. Pareto analysis of genset issues based on our experience of telecom.
    27. Commercial power issues
    28. Importance of grounding etc
    29. Parts issues
           i. genuine vs. non genuine
           ii. OEM vs Aftermarket
    30. Killing two birds with one stone – cogeneration
    31. Generator sizing for large plants with multiple heavy duty motors
    32. Sound attenuation – design, issues and remedies
    33. Generator reactance, transient reactance, sub transient reactance – their significance in short circuit calculations

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