Case Studies :

ESL stands out for its paralleling, synchronizing and load sharing solutions involving generator of any make, model, manufacturer, mix of fuel and MAINS. It performs these jobs with its own resources, without taking recourse to outside vendors. It has a long list of successful installation of synchronization solutions which are paying dividends to the customers for many years. Some of these notable installations are:

1.      ATS Synthetic Private Limited

ATS Synthetic is one of the largest synthetic plants in the country. It has continued to show its confidence in ESL services and products.

ESL has installed yet two more generator sets of 1540 KW @ 11,000 Volts Cummins Gas Generators at their plant. These Generators are continuously subject to very high torque loads. ESL had previously installed three Cummins Generator Sets of similar rating which have exceeded 60,000 hours of operation and their performance is a clear manifestation of reliability, durability and lowest total cost of operation. The power plant has a total of five Cummins Gas Generators and three 1800 kW Aksa Diesel Generators @ 11 kV commissioned, paralleled and maintained by ESL which speaks volumes of the performance of products and service solutions provided by ESL.

aksa diesel generators at coca cola beverages pakistan

2.     Coca Cola Beverages

ESL supplied 2 x 2250 kVA Aksa Generator Sets with Cummins QSK60G4 Engines and New Age Stamford Alternators to Coco Cola Beverages, Lahore. In addition, 2 x 1.6 MW Aksa Diesel Generators were also supplied to the same facility. The scope of work included installation, testing and commissioning of Generators and synchronizing the new Generators with existing 2 x 1250 kVA Cummins Generators and 1 x 500 kVA Caterpillar generator. The whole arrangement has a bump less load transfer facility from Mains (WAPDA) to generators and vice versa involving four Transformers.

ESL also supplied 2 x 515 kVA Aksa Generators with Cummins QSX15G6 Engines and New Age Stamford Alternators to Coca Cola Export, Lahore.

The scope of work included installation, testing, commissioning and synchronizing of generators. The whole arrangement again has a bump less load transfer facility from Mains (WAPDA) to genset and vice versa using state of the art Woodward’s Controllers.

3.      Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

ESL supplied, installed, commissioned and synchronized 2 x 550 kVA Aksa Generators in Shaukat Khanam Research Centre, Karachi.

ESL also installed 1 x 1370 kW Cummins Gas Generator and 1 x 1600 kW Caterpillar Gas generator in Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Lahore. In addition to that ESL supplied, installed and commissioned 1 x 1410 kVA Aksa Diesel Generator Set to the Hospital.

ESL has also been successfully shouldering the responsibility of providing synchronizing systems for all 3 x 1410 kVA Diesel Generators, 1 x 1370 kW Cummins Gas Generator and 1 x 1600 kW Caterpillar generator.

Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital continued to show its confidence in ESL products and services for upgradation of LT distributions and Medium voltage substation. ESL completed this project in record time of six weeks without any shutdown to the main hospital building.

2 megawatt (mw) cummins gas generators at shahtaj textile limited

4.      Shahtaj Textile Limited

Shahtaj Textile Limited (a Shahnawaz Group Company) opted for Cummins Gas Generators from ESL mainly on account of their ability to start large compressor motors.

The customer carried out an in-depth analysis of all contemporary products prior to a purchase decision and selected ESL Cummins Gas Generator solutions because of their capacity to handle the large block loads (almost as efficiently and smoothly as Diesel Generators do).

Both ESL and Cummins lived up to their reputation. The site is an ideal demonstration of Cummins single step load acceptance (torque load) capability.

ESL also considers Shahtaj as a flagship project for the entire textile industry. These generators are a telltale demonstration of Cummins Energy Solutions in terms of no or very low deration, operation at low gas pressures, ability to handle compressor motors of 600 kW, steam generation from exhaust heat and low total cost of ownership.

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