2250kVA (2000kVA DCC Power) Data Centre Solution at Telenor Pakistan MSC, Lahore

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Case Study: Energy Solutions (Private) Limited supplied and commissioned another 2250kVA (2000kVA DCC Power) Aksa Data Centre at Telenor Pakistan Mobile Switching Centre (MSC), Lahore. This happens to be another grand Data Centre Project in Pakistan and only of its kind done by ESL at Telenor Pakistan within a year- the first one was

Training Session for Dubai Islamic Bank

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ESL conducted training session for the support staff of Dubai Islamic Bank on Friday, 23rd October 2020 on Genset Maintenance at customers’ doorstep. The session was attended by 53 participants of the Bank's entire Central 1 region and encompassed topics like daily checks, troubleshooting, quick actions in case of emergency, day to day genset

Synchronization of QSV91 with Grid

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Synchronization of QSV91 with Grid Energy Solutions (Private) Limited was honored by GM Rantex Private Limited, upon successful completion of synchronizing job of 1 x 1750 kW; QSV91 Cummins Lean Burn Gas Generator with Grid supply @11KV. The Genset and Grid were synchronized with single PCC3.3 resulting in seamless transfer and uninterrupted customer operations.

In-House Technical Training on Cummins Hsk78 Gas Series

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In-House Technical Training on Cummins Hsk78 Gas Series Technical Training is an integral part of the Continuous Improvement Practices and Culture at Energy Solutions (Private) Limited. This time it was on Cummins gas engines and included new Cummins HSK78 Gas Series- a breakthrough in the gas engines market worldwide in general and in Pakistan

Do The Parts Talk

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Do the parts talk…?Having worked for a number of years in a large group of Companies and having had an exposure to different kinds of machines, the Group Director Manufacturing came to the conclusion that parts in a machine also talk. While they are in the warehouse, they are rather quiet. Their appearance and physical

Thinking Out of the Box Session

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Thinking Out of the Box Session "Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I'll move the world." The above claim is attributed to the third-century Greek philosopher, mathematician and inventor Archimedes. While it may be a bit of an exaggeration. It does express the power of leveraging, which, at least figuratively, moves

Meet And Treat Session For Banking Sector

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ESL Conducted Meet And Treat Session For Banking Sector ESL regularly conducts Meet And Treat continuous improvement training programs for its own employees as well as customers. These training programs are organized under the name and style of “ESL Meet & Treat Continuous Improvement Programs”. The purpose of these sessions is to adequately train people to

Participation in Textile Asia Exhibition, 2018

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Participation in Textile Asia Exhibition, 2018 representing Cummins Lean Burn Gas Generators. ESL actively participates in important exhibitions/trade fairs to showcase its brands periodically. One such event is Textile Asia Exhibition. This trade fair has been termed as South Asia’s biggest B2B textile, garment, embroidery, digital printing machinery and chemical and allied services fair.


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