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Deputy Manager Business, Energy Solutions

Aksa Power Generation – Turkiye

AKSA Power Generators TURKEY

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Valued Partner for C&I Projects

Energy Solutions Private Limited stands at the forefront of innovation at Sungrow Power Day Lahore 2024, heralding a new era for C&I Projects. Their vision and excellence in the energy sector have not only powered progress but also earned them well-deserved accolades. Congratulations to ESL for their pioneering spirit and impactful contributions!
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Best Debutant Award

Congratulations to the winner of our Best Debutant award, Energy Solutions (Pvt.) Limited (ESL). One of the leading Diesel Generators and Gas Generators distributors in Pakistan, ESL also provides turnkey energy solutions as an EPC. ESL now offers Trina Solar modules in their solar solutions. Well done for winning this award, ESL!
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Cummins Power Generation

Cummins Power Generation Partners with Energy Solutions (Private) Limited for Gas Business in Pakistan
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