ESL Project Capability

Our Passion is Doing Things Right On Time, First Time, Every Time.

We add value to customer`s operations by doing the job

•   On time, without delay

•   First time, without rework

•   Every time, without exception

•   Within the agreed cost parameters and meeting all quality requirements

•   With a view to start a life time association with customer

How do we get there? Our Modus Operandi

•   Complete understanding of the project and its requirements

•   Understanding customer operations

•   Understanding our strengths and improvement areas

•   Identifying partners and their capability matrix

•   Delivering more than what we promise (always going an extra mile)

ESL is proud of its wide network of supply chain partners who are fully trained on customer specific requirements vis a vis safety, quality and timelines. This enables ESL to complete complex and complicated requirements of the customers in a manner that they become our lifelong partners.

Our Clients