Exciting news from H.A. Fibres Private Limited, Multan! Our recent success boasts a 1MW solar system powered by 1725 JINKO N-type panels of 580W each, ensuring top-tier efficiency and energy production. We’ve implemented tin-coated DC cables for robust protection and deployed Sungrow CX125KW inverters, surpassing regular 100KW inverters in both quality and cost-effectiveness, delivering an impressive 875KW AC capacity.

Our innovative P1 solar structure, tailored to rooftop dynamics, stands out with easy maintenance, minimized point loads, and adherence to ASTM 123 standards for 35m/s wind speed. This structure is not just efficient but also user-friendly compared to the P2 structure.

This green powerhouse is designed to generate a remarkable 4500 units daily, contributing significantly to sustainable energy.
Energy Solutions is honored to have played a pivotal role in HA Fibres’ journey towards a greener tomorrow.