HSK78G Gas Generator Series :

Frequency (Hz) Certification Fuel Type
50 Global Compliance Gas

The new HSK78 Cummins Gas Generator series offers a total package of gas generator capabilities and innovative gas technology for prime and peaking power applications. The HSK78G generator series has been designed from the skid up, providing reliable power no matter how extreme the fuel source or operating conditions.

fuel efficient cummins gas generator

This new series represents a bold step into the gas arena for Cummins, showcasing new technology in a new engine that pushes new levels of efficiency, transient performance and gas variation well beyond former natural gas generators.

Target Industries
Commercial & Institutional Utility Industrial
Airports Landfills Mining
Universities Waste Water Treatment Plants Manufacturing
Prison Bases Grid Firming Oil and Gas
Shopping Malls Anaerobic Digesters Greenhouses
Independent Power Producers Agriculture

Available Gen-Set Ratings :

Generator Model kWe Hz Fuel Type
C2000N5CD 2000 50 Gas
C1800N5CD 1800 50 Gas
C1600N5CD 1600 50 Gas

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