Our Policies :



“FOLLOW THE ETHICS” is our advice to honorably survive.


Increase community services with profitable growth and fair practices!


Safety first, even if the business is hurt!


Quality second to none with continuous improvement.


Employee welfare, with family type care!


Win hearts and minds of customers to increase market share!


  • “Follow the ETHICS” is a wise advice
    A recipe to honorably survive.
  • Neither give nor accept any bribe
    On the road of success you will merrily drive.
  • Take no interest on the loans you provide
    Doing so business is multiplied.
  • When people rub you on the wrong side
    Repel evil with good and what is right.
  • Regularly pray as prescribed
    With peace of mind you’ll never be deprived.
  • Do what you say and say what you do
    You will be loved if you are honest and true.
  • Perform more than you promise to do
    Make people win, you will win too.
  • Retain existing customers and create new
    Increase your skills and continuously review.
  • Avoid conflict of interest despite temptation
    Deliver hundred percent with full devotion.
  • Increase welfare services for a less privileged one
    Be fair with everyone and discriminate with none.
  • Show no disrespect to the competition
    With diligence earn recognition.
  • Fulfill your obligations as a good corporate citizen
    Obey the law of land without an exception.
  • Success will come to you from every direction
    Compliance with ethics is a precondition.


  • Our VISION is crystal clear
    We will increase our community services every year.
  • Service is worship and our main sphere.
    Our MISSION is to be a leading player
  • Safety first, Quality second to none and Sales efforts sincere
    Project Management (*) will be the forte of our engineer.
  • Our Safety Policy will control risks and reduce fear
    Quality policy will keep raising the performance bar to the next tier.
  • The HR Policy will ensure employees’ welfare
    While Sales Policy will gradually increase the market share.
  • No lies, no bribes, nothing unfair
    To the government policies we will fully adhere.
  • Instant and efficient services anytime anywhere
    ESL will perform more than it promises & maximize customer care.

(*) Project Management = Doing things rightly, timely & cost effectively


  • Safety of our people and organization on the whole
    This is our top priority and biggest goal.
  • Safety is everybody’s business
    But the management has the biggest role.
  • Safety will be observed all the time
    At work or at home, with heart and soul.
  • Safety meetings will be held on a regular basis
    It will be as important as the monthly pay roll.
  • Pause and reflect every now and then, intervene if a danger is seen;
    An ounce of safety prevents tons of disaster control.
  • Count your Goal Zero score
    Staying safe for longer number of days is important for every soul.
  • Wear helmet, fasten seat belts, no mobile phones
    Drive safe with a journey plan and speed control.
  • Poor housekeeping causes most accidents if not all
    A clip can cause a slip, even wet floor can take its toll.
  • Identify hazards, measure risks, exercise control and review often
    This is our recommended safety protocol.
  • Hazard elimination, substitution & isolation-our hierarchy for risk control
    Use engineering & administrative tools & PPEs to cover any other loophole.
  • Recommended safety protocol and hierarchy for risk control
    We will follow them whether we rush for work or leisurely stroll.


  • Whether we sell an equipment or simply install
    We will do the job right and spare no effort at all.
  • We will do what we say and vice versa
    Making sure, we neither falter nor fall.
  • Quality will be built in our services, at every step
    Be it a big step or very small.
  • We will train our people continuously
    Our aim is to meet all challenges and avoid any pitfall.
  • We will accept our mistakes and learn from them
    Doing so, our progress will never stall.
  • Plan-Do-Act and Check
    This is a quality tool often discussed in our conference hall.
  • The rule of Pareto is our guiding principle
    We will focus on critical mass first and then what is small.
  • We will use Poka Yoke systems
    Our target is no mistakes at all.
  • Benchmark against best-in-class amongst all
    We will learn from best practices of others to stand equally tall.
  • Zero defect is our ultimate goal
    Success will depend on this over the long haul.
  • Our product may fail and service fall short
    We will fix it and allow no shortfall.
  • Talking to the parts and condition based maintenance
    This is our genset service strategy for every Mill or Shopping Mall.
  • Parts we sell may cost more
    We’ll make sure your plants run and not just crawl.
  • ESL strives to raise quality and lower life cycle cost
    Be it a power plant or just a major overhaul.
  • Any lapse in our quality is not acceptable
    If you see one just give us a call.
  • Neglecting quality is a dangerous thing
    It is like playing with a fireball.
  • The race to quality has no finish line
    Continuous improvement is the only cure-all.


  • Attractive remuneration for every colleague
    Customer satisfaction is the ultimate result we seek.
  • Minimum wages always higher than the ones decreed
    Our policy is to take care of the poor and the weak.
  • Vacations comprising planned, sick and casual leaves
    Our people must rest properly to raise performance to its peak.
  • Overtime for every eligible colleague
    It is paid before they ask or speak.
  • Hospitalization coverage up to 80% fee
    Company may pay 100%, if the case is unique.
  • Minimum one bonus on a main festival eve
    If the balance sheet has a good physique.
  • Interest free loan for the one who is in need
    One year after repayment, he may again proceed.
  • Monthly ration for every deserving colleague
    To help the needy, this is our humble technique.
  • One who travels and stays night out in other cities
    Daily allowance besides traveling and boarding on actual receipt.
  • Gratuity for those who qualify and for a reason leave
    They are welcome back if the company again has a need.
  • A culture of training and continuous improvement indeed
    Our tool to stay in the business, excel and compete.
  • Performance appraisal based on attendance, quality and speed
    Attitude is the key which makes even mediocre perform a feat.
  • Peace of mind, honor, dignity and prestige
    Join ESL if you want to succeed!


  • Minimum five customers a day
    Adversity will be driven away.
  • When the market is bad and sales in disarray
    Increase your customer visits, the sales experts say.
  • Identify the critical mass first; make it your mainstay
    Visit the other customers some other day
  • Enough revenues will result from five customers a day
    Abundant for your own and many similar employees pay.
  • Know your company & products, market & customers and competitors, as well as you may
    Success will come to you even if you are not an MBA.
  • Sell yourself first with a sincere smile in a pleasing way
    Generate customer interest with enthusiasm to make headway.
  • Be persistent, show patience till the customers buy or shy away
    Never lose heart nor dismay.
  • Listen intently to what the customer has to say
    He will turn your fate into gold from clay.
  • From the sentry on the gate, to the Chairman Secretariat as you move up your way
    Delight everyone with good manners and training material as giveaway.
  • Cold calling & qualifying; presenting & handling objections; closing to a post sales survey
    If you don’t do these well, refresh straightaway.
  • Don’t lie, dont bribe, be a symbol of fair play
    Or else you may succeed for a while, ultimately fall a prey
  • Perform more than you promised and he agreed to pay
    Keep him in the business; he will make sure you also stay
  • Your product support should be instant and efficient be it any hour of the day.
    Otherwise, the customer will abandon you and part his way
  • Never sell; assist him to buy in the best possible way
    He will buy only from you even if your hair turn grey
  • Explain the features, advantages and benefits of your products and preferably display
    He will buy from you instantly or with some delay
  • Don’t talk low of the competitors come what may
    Nobody likes the guys who bark and bray
  • Honesty is the best policy, a forte even today
    In the long run, honesty alone will pave your way
  • When he buys thank him and do more than you say
    If he does not, keep trying till the doomsday
  • Selling on credit is a crime; unless the customer has a good history to pay
    Pillar to post you will often run, he may even betray
  • Think big, work hard; and regularly pray
    Your performance will never decline nor decay.

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