3.2 MW Solar Power Plant – Transforming Threads, Powering Progress!
Exciting News from Riaz Textile Mills Private Limited, Pakistan’s Leading Exporter in the Textile Sector!
Energy Solutions is honored to play a pivotal role in Riaz Textile Mills’ monumental leap towards eco-friendly fabric production, marked by the launch of our groundbreaking 3.2MW Solar Power Plant.
Key Project Features:
• 5,324 Jinko N-type solar panels
• 27 Huawei 100KTL grid-tied inverters
• Annual energy output of 4,480 MWh
The structure, specially designed with hot-dip galvanization, stands resilient against wind speeds up to 35 meters per second.
ESL’s Operations and Maintenance team, equipped with advanced thermal imaging, ensures an unwavering 100% project uptime.
The project also features special design elements like specialized aluminum drain channels and telescopic brushes for water efficiency. These features not only facilitate effective panel cleaning but also prepare collected water for recycling within the facility—another layer to our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.
ESL and Riaz Textile Mills continue to radiate brightness and embrace a future where every thread narrates a story of sustainability.