Cummins Generators! Land Cruiser Cum Ferrari Strategy :


Cummins offers two kinds of gas generators. One is known as “high performance type”. These can handle large torque loads just like a diesel generator.

The other one is known as “high efficiency type”. These sets are able to produce very high electrical efficiencies and operate with very low fuel consumption.

“High performance models” are comparable to a “Land Cruiser” whereas “High efficiency models” may be compared with a “Ferrari”.

For more details about Cummins Land  Cruiser and Ferrari, Please contact ESL.


A gas generator is quite unlike a diesel generator and is a different kettle of fish. What is sauce for the goose is not the sauce for the gander. The differences manifest themselves in the following ways:

a. Types of application
b. Power / volume ratios
c. Ignition systems
d. Compression ratios
e. BMEPs
f. Hours to overhaul
g. Oil change intervals
h. Response to single step torque loads
i. Minimum average load permissible and why?
j. Response to rapidly varying load.
k. Fuel consumption due to variation of temperature and pressure (temperature/pressure compensation)
l. Role of single turbocharger vs multiple turbochargers.

The list goes on—-

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More information is available in ESL Training book and also covered in “Meet & Treat” sessions.

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Cummins diesel and gas engines are equally good and strong products. While ESL supplies generators with Cummins diesel engines in very large numbers, it is trying to establish foothold of Cummins gas products in Pakistan market. These gas generators are of such a fine quality that they were able to run in Pakistan even in the absence of a proper Cummins gas distributor for almost a decade (2005 – 2014).

ESL is trying its best to secure the rightful place for Cummins gas generators in Pakistan. It believes that the day is not far when both the two will enjoy equal and enormous success (IA).

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3. PIECE OF CAKE – حلوہ


Gas generators are designed to operate at 100% load. They are meant for base load applications, which is a cakewalk for them.

Gas generators can also easily achieve overhaul intervals of five to six times those of diesel generators.

Similarly oil change is also required after ten to fifteen times the change interval of diesel generators. Why is it so easy? A piece of cake? Learn more about these and many other advantages offered by gas generators from ESL training book.

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4. ACHILLES’ HEEL – دُکھتی رگ


Unlike diesel generators, gas generators are cut to the quick when called upon to handle heavy load of large motors. Detailed explanation is available in ESL training book. Even the heavyweights and champions falter, fumble and fail. Cummins gas generator is probably ONE exception.

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5. YOU CAN’T GET OIL FROM STONES – ان تلوں میں تیل نہیں

Gas generators are very poor in handling torque loads. They stutter, stumble and ultimately stop while starting large, heavy motors. They also do poorly when loads are suddenly withdrawn.

When it comes to handling torque loads, the phrase ان تلوں میں تیل نہیں truly applies to them.

For an in-depth knowledge, please seek answers in our “Meet & Treat” sessions.

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6. TASTE OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING – کھیر کا ذائقہ اسے کھانے میں ہے

Cummins showcases two types of gas generators.

a. High performance or high torque models
b. High efficiency models.

The two can be likened to Land Cruiser and Ferrari. Thus Cummins possesses both “Land Cruiser type” and “Ferrari type” gas generators. Land Cruiser symbolizes power, strength and performance while Ferrari symbolizes efficiency.

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Those who use Cummins high performance gas engines know the value of these machines. The moment you start using the exhaust energy or jacket water either singly or collectively, you realize that Cummins high performance gas generators are, in fact, as superior and cost effective as its own high efficiency gas generators as well as competitors’ products.

Cummins high performance gas generators make it possible to start large motors, more or less, like diesel generators. They can recover voltages and frequency as per the given performance class for large block
loads with effortless ease. For more information on performance class, please see the table below:

Performance Class G1 G2 G3
Steady State Frequency Band 2.5% 1.5% 0.5%
Maximum Frequency Dip -15% -10% -7%
Maximum Frequency Rise +18% +12% +10%
Frequency Recovery Time 10 seconds 5 seconds 3 seconds
Steady State Voltage Deviation 5% 2.5% 1%
Maximum Voltage Dip -25% -20% -15%
Maximum Voltage Rise +35% +25% +20%
Voltage Recovery Time 10 seconds 6 seconds 4 seconds

We can establish through step by step presentation that Cummins high performance engines are, in fact, one of the highest total efficiency engines.

Detailed calculations on each Cummins model as well as competitors’ models are available. We will be pleased to present them as and when required by the customers.



Customers using Cummins gas engines know that they can handle large torque loads in the blink of an eye.

In one application in a textile mill a 1750 kW Cummins gas generator is handling torque load of 600 ~ 800 kW motor with effortless ease, just like diesel engines.

Cummins gas generators often do away with the need of buying two sets. Just one Cummins gas generator is often enough to handle torque loads.

Please contact ESL for a demonstration because seeing is believing.

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8. AS FIT AS A FIDDLE – ہر گھڑی تیار، کامران ہیں ہم

A properly maintained Cummins gas generators when subject to a minimum 70% load always remain as fit as a fiddle.

It can “practically” attain the following hours to overhaul intervals.

1st Top 15,000 Hours
2nd Top 30,000 Hours
Inframe 45,000 Hours
3rd Top 60,000 Hours
4th Top 75,000 Hours
Major 90,000 Hours

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9. A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOREVER – خوبصورت بات، رہے یاد، تا حیات

Cummins produces world class diesel and gas engines. Its diesel engines are a household name world over. Similarly, its gas generators are state-of-the-art machines.

Cummins showcases two types of gas generators. One is “high performance series” and the other one “high efficiency series”. Cummins high performance series may be likened to a “Land Cruiser” and high efficiency series to a “Ferrari”.

Cummins gas generators are not so popular in Pakistan because of absence of a proper gas distributor during the “golden gas decade” from 2004 to 2014.

Now ESL is trying to secure the rightful place for Cummins gas generators, which these machines so rightfully deserve. In a nutshell, Cummins gas generator features are described by the following chart:

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10. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN ONE DAY – ہتھیلی پہ سرسوں نہیں جمتی

Service is the forte of ESL. It has taken ESL a very long time to reach to this stage. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that our Cummins gas customers not only feel satisfied but delighted with our 24 by seven presence, availability of parts, continuous improvement efforts, backup generators, etc.

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SERVICE at ESL stands for Safe, Empathetic, Responsive, Virtuous, Innovative, Compliant and Effective.

11. GET GOING WHEN GOING GETS TOUGH – تندئ بادمخالف سے نہ گھبرا اے عقاب/ یہ تو چلتی ہے تجھے انچا اڑانے کیلۓ

Cummins gas generators stand by you in thick and thin; rain or shine; fire or water.

They never leave you high and dry. Cummins high torque series is known to perform well with minimum deration at high altitudes and high temperatures. They also work well at low methane numbers especially in our winters.

After cooler cores are also not affected by Sulphur in the gas.

For an in depth knowledge on how and why engines derate and why gas engines derate more than diesel engines, please contact ESL.

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Gas Generators are often used for generating electricity as well as heat for absorption chilling. Cummins gas generators are specially known for their very high total efficiencies amongst all contemporary products.

Cummins high torque generators (C1540 & C1750) allow recovery of heat from LT circuit also. This heat can be used for domestic heating or heating feed water for boilers.

13. NAIL BITING – کانٹے دار مقابلہ

There is very little to choose between the four major players in Pakistan gas market. Jenbacher, Caterpillar, MTU and Cummins are all equally good products and belong to the Champions league. The competition is nail biting and goes right down to the wire.

It’s anybody’s game though Cummins is  a new entrant and facing uphill task to secure its rightful market share from the other champions.

While Jenbacher, Cat and MTU offer high efficiency products, Cummins has also added high efficiency products to its existing range of high performance, high torque series. It now proudly offers both Land Cruisers and Ferrari versions of gas generators. A glimpse of fierce competition between the four champions is visible from the attached chart:

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