2 megawatt (mw) cummins gas generators at shahtaj textile limited

Shahtaj Textile Limited

Shahtaj Textile Limited (a Shahnawaz Group Company) opted for Cummins Gas Generators from ESL mainly on account of their ability to start large compressor motors.

The customer carried out an in-depth analysis of all contemporary products prior to a purchase decision and selected ESL Cummins Gas Generator solutions because of their capacity to handle the large block loads (almost as efficiently and smoothly as Diesel Generators do).

Both ESL and Cummins lived up to their reputation. The site is an ideal demonstration of Cummins single step load acceptance (torque load) capability.

ESL also considers Shahtaj as a flagship project for the entire textile industry. These generators are a telltale demonstration of Cummins Energy Solutions in terms of no or very low deration, operation at low gas pressures, ability to handle compressor motors of 600 kW, steam generation from exhaust heat and low total cost of ownership.

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