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ESL Environment; Health & Safety :

Giving due consideration to Environment, Health & Safety, we at ESL undertake to act in strict compliance with the following HSSE policy:

  • We shall adequately control threats to health and safety because of our work.
  • We shall indulge in meaningful consultation with our co-workers in matters relating to HSSE and ensure their active participation.
  • We shall provide information, training, guidance, etc., to our employees and devise a system of effective audits as a tool for continuous improvement and achievement of business excellence.
  • We shall contain work related accidents, injuries and illnesses as far as possible.
  • We shall review policies with regard to HSSE from time to time and implement effective changes.
  • We shall treat matters relating to HSSE as importantly as our day-to-day business and keep employees involved.
  • We shall promote a culture which ensures active involvement of all employees in HSSE at work and at home so that they are least affected by accidents.
  • We shall create an environment, which shall ensure minimum loss and interruption to the business.
  • We shall adopt a policy of obtaining clearance before proceeding for work.
  • We shall address HSSE matters from the top organizational level just as we should do for quality and training.

esl safety book on environment, health & safety

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